About Us

Design Studio.
Idea Makers.
Expert Creators.

Art + Legend is a Full-service creative design studio. We're Expert Creators of enticing graphics, crave-worthy visual products, digital media, unforgettable experiences, and smart strategic thinking. We produce design for Print, The Web, Environments, Campaigns, Brands, Packaging and other Media applications like Motion, Animation, and XR/AR/VR.

The studio is led by award-winning designer, design educator and entrepreneur, Janell Conner.

What We Do

A R T + L E G E N D


Smart Creative Thinking, Bright Ideas and Precise Technical Execution so every concept shines.


Your brand is the most powerful and persistent representation of your organization, idea, startup, non-profit, product or company. We build bold identity systems that help you make your mark and dominate your market.

Design for the Web

Digital is where your customers and client will interact with you first and most often. We build products for the web for our clients to embody and extend your brand, unpack your story , connect with people to share important data, promote your organization, causes or idea, engage customers and sell products.


Publications and collateral are classic, unforgettable and portable ways to spread the word, tell your story, illuminate data, educate, and establish the imagery, texture and tone your brand. We design Print Publications, Digital Publications, direct mail and Web pubs that keep your organization and brand top-of-mind for clients, customers, donors and decision-makers.

Package Design

Your packaging – the shell your product or service wears for the world is the ultimate expression of your brand, the one seen most often by existing customers and evaluated by potential buyers. We create custom packaging and pop display design, that's fresh, bold, original, crave-worthy and creates the sense of delight for your brick-and-mortar or e-retail shopper.


As professional creatives, we solve problems that don’t fit neatly into boxes. We can apply a rigorous design-thinking process to your challenge, and brainstorm creative and unexpected solutions to a broad array of challenges.

Design for Motion

Motion and animation are exceptional tools for fluid storytelling, education, creative expression and are often the best media to promote an event, explain a complex concept, train staff, and entertain audiences. We build hand-crafted 2D and 3D animated media, Design for Motion, Motion graphics for social, and AR/VR/XR Content for every screen size.

Creative Approach

Art + Legend Creativity Plus Craft

Design thinking, ideation and creative problem-solving combined with an artistic
approach to concept development and craftsmanship.

Our Best Collaborators:


    Brand Builders

    You want to explore telling your story in new ways.


    Like-Minded Visionaries.

    You believe design is more important than ever,
    and use its power as a key component of your marketing strategy.



    You have an amazing product, and need an
    equally amazing brand and package.



    You have an important story to share with the world.